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8 Sands Resorts restaurants launch warming winter menus
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8 Sands Resorts restaurants launch warming winter menus

The Venetian Macao, The Parisian Macao, Sands Cotai Central and Sands Macao launch menus to keep the chill at bay

Braised mutton and Garoupa with black mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots, at Golden Court

Sands Resorts Macao and Sands® Macao have launched delicious and warming winter menus at eight superb Chinese restaurants across The Venetian Macao, The Parisian Macao, Sands Cotai Central and Sands Macao from Dec. 4, 2017, until Feb. 11, 2018.

Chosen not only for their delicious taste, all the ingredients and foods used are renowned for their warming and nourishing properties. In the hands of Sands Resorts Macao’s and Sands Macao’s talented chefs, they have been transformed into not only the finest Chinese cuisine but also dishes which bring health, heat and vitality in the cooler winter weather.

Winter Warmer Menus at Sands Macao

Golden Court

Elegant Golden Court restaurant is now offering a variety of healthy winter warmers. Chef Lee Chiu Fat has used the freshest ingredients to develop an extensive menu imbued with wonderful warming properties to keep the winter chills away as the cooler weather approaches.

  • Roasted lamb shanks with spice and cumin (per piece) MOP 118*
  • Braised fish head with port wine sauce in clay pot MOP 138*
  • Wok-fried spring chicken with mushrooms, garlic sprouts and chilli MOP 138* 
  • Chicken and fish maw soup with fungus and black mushrooms (per person) MOP 188* 
  • Braised boneless beef with turnips MOP 228*
  • Braised mutton and Garoupa with black mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots MOP 238*
  • Fried whole Garoupa with Sichuan peppers and chilli (whole piece) MOP 308*
  • Chinese herbal chicken with Chinese wine in clay pot (whole piece) MOP 338*

Golden Court is also offering a wide range of delicious herbal soups, including double-boiled fish maw and pork soup with apple, candied dates, dried tangerine peel and Chinese herbs (can relieve coughing and asthma conditions) at MOP 988*, and double-boiled snake-fish and American ginseng soup with Chinese herbs and red dates (improves blood circulation and protects the liver) at MOP 428*. All herbal soups must be ordered at least six hours in advance.

Reservations: +853 8983 8222.

Winter Warmer Menus at The Venetian Macao


The elegantly decorated restaurant offers exquisite southern Chinese cuisine. The Winter Warmer Menus feature some of the finest soups, seafood, meat and vegetable dishes.

  • Cured meat in clay pot rice MOP 160*
  • Braised preserved duck with taro in clay pot MOP 168*
  • Emperor chicken wrapped in parchment paper with oriental herbs MOP 198*
  • Baked shrimp with pepper and five spice MOP 260*
  • Doubled boiled duck essence with cordyceps soup MOP 480*

Reservations: +853 8118 9930


Spacious and authentic, North restaurant specialises in northern Chinese and Sichuan cuisine. The Winter Warmer menus feature a variety of delicious and nutritious dishes.                                                                                                                 

  • Lamb chops and green radish soup with white pepper MOP 58*
  • Biáng biáng noodles with pork MOP 80*
  • “Shanxi” style steamed pork belly and potato with spicy rice paste MOP 89*
  • “Tong guan” style braised pork belly with pan-fried buns MOP 89*
  • “Dong bei” braised farm chicken, bean noodles and mixed vegetable MOP 115*
  • Slow-cooked chicken and vegetable skewer in spicy sauce MOP 118*

Reservations: +853 8118 9980

Winter Warmer Menus at The Parisian Macao

Lotus Palace

Offering modern yet traditional Chinese cuisine, Lotus Palace is featuring classic hot pot warmers this winter, full of nutrient-rich goodness.

  • Chongqing hotpot soup base MOP 88*
  • Guizhou fish in sour soup hot pot soup base MOP 488*
  • Hainan coconut and chicken hot pot soup base MOP 588*

Reservations: +853 8111 9260

Winter Warmer Menus at Sands Cotai Central

Dynasty 8

Award-winning Dynasty 8 is focusing on double-boiled specialities for its winter warmer menu, a technique that extracts the maximum flavour from delicate, high-quality ingredients without compromising flavour or texture. The process can take up to five hours

  • Double-boiled sea whelks with black tiger palm mushroom MOP 168*
  • Double-boiled teal with prime fish maw and black truffle MOP 288*
  • Double-boiled red wild mushroom with cordyceps, fish maw and sea cucumber MOP 1,288*

Reservations: +853 8113 8920

Rice Empire

Rice Empire celebrates this winter by serving with different kinds of winter broth: Chinese herbal fish bone broth, ginseng, red dates chicken broth; tradition Sichuan spicy broth.

  • Deluxe seafood hot pot set MOP 1,688*

Reservations: + 853 8113 8930

Southern Kitchen

A fast and convenient stir-fry restaurant in the Cantonese and Hong Kong tradition, Southern Kitchen is offering some deliciously different and authentic winter treats.

  • Taiwanese sesame oil chicken stew MOP 118*
  • Simmered beef tripe, duck blood and intestine in chilli oil MOP 188*

Reservations: +853 8113 7960

Yum Cha

Serving classic dim sum dishes alongside other Chinese staples including seafood, stir-fries, noodle soup and more, Yum Cha has a delicious selection of healthy warmers this winter.

  • Poached chicken with red dates and Chinese herbs MOP 168*
  • Braised yabby (prawns) with Sichuan pepper spicy broth MOP 168*
  • Braised lamb with bean curd sheets and mushroom MOP 238*

Reservations: +853 8113 8910

*Please note: All prices subject to 10% service charge