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Arte house designers

We talked to the designers behind Auralo Arte, ALo Lo and Rainie Choi, about what makes their Macao-grown label so unique

Macao fashion house Auralo Arte opened the star-spangled SMFW19 with their latest collection of ready-to-wear pieces. There are two designers behind the simple yet elegant pieces who have worked together since 2013. Both having different strengths and styles, Alo Lo and Rainie Choi completed the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre (CPTTM) “Diploma in Fashion Design & Manufacture”, receiving the 
3rd prize (2011) and the 1st prize (2012) respectively in their graduation shows. 
After graduation, they were both invited to join the “CPTTM Fashion Incubation Program (MaConsef)”, which was when they decided to work together to create their own fashion brand, and Auralo Arte was born. They are now constantly travelling from shore to shore in the cross-strait regions, to promote their label.
Right off the runway from the opening of the SMFW, the busy designers sat down and talked to us about the secret behind their success.

What would you say are your biggest inspirations?
We actually like to draw our inspiration from arthouse films and novels. Our latest collection was heavily influenced by films such as Perfume and The Favourite. We’ve integrated the obsession of finding the best scent in Perfume and the floral imagery of the film into our design. We loved the representation of women in positions of power in The Favourite and the portrayal of the ways the women used that power in court. All these atmospheric elements, stories of women, romanticism and artistic expression were infused in our ready-to-wear collection, which is what Auralo Arte is about.

What challenges did you face on your road to success?
We do not feel we’ve fully achieved success yet, but we believe all women will want at least one piece of our designs in their wardrobes. At the moment we are in charge of the whole production cycle of Auralo Arte, so finding the right balance between manufacturing numbers and logistics is a huge challenge. As with all small businesses, raising capital and expanding our sales network is a continuous process that takes time.

What’s next for Auralo Arte?
We would love to expand into the mainland Chinese market. However, the online retail sector and consumer behaviour of the Chinese market is very different from Hong Kong and Macao, and the intellectual property and copyright laws aren’t well established yet so we’re still at the research phase of this development. However, we are excited to share the news that we are establishing a presence in Taiwan in the coming year!