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Paisley Hu and Pal Sinn films their "suite" memories at The Parisian Macao
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Paisley Hu and Pal Sinn films their "suite" memories at The Parisian Macao

After their Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower photo went viral, the celebrity couple shares their sweet memories in a video to celebrate the hotel's 2nd anniversary

Pal Sinn and Paisley Hu strikes a pose in the video for The Parisian Macao

Two years ago, Hong Kong celebrity couple Paisley Hu and Pal Sinn celebrated the 20th anniversary of their relationship in Macao. Singer Hu and TV actor Sinn were doing a show together in the city, and to mark their special day, they took a
photo under the romantic Eiffel Tower at The Parisian Macao hotel. Sinn posted the shot on his Instagram account and it went viral.

Now the couple have returned to the 3,000-room French-themed luxury hotel with the landmark half-scale Eiffel Tower on the Cotai Strip. This time, they are acting in a video to celebrate the second anniversary of The Parisian Macao’s opening, which Hu emceed on September 13, 2016.

“Every time we are here, it’s a special day, somehow,” says Hu, as she prepares for filming in The Parisian Macao’s presidential, Lyon Suite.

That scene highlights just one take of the property, but Hu and Sinn’s video goes on to present every facet of The Parisian Macao, the latest of Sands Resorts Macao’s luxury hotels.

In the film, Sinn presents a series of surprises to Hu in many of the resort’s iconic locations, such as the main entrance, check-in lobby and presidential suite. Their video also features Shoppes at Parisian; the French-influenced Chinese restaurant La Chine; the Eiffel Tower, the Poolside Garden and the Love Lock Bridge.

“One of my favourite scenes is surely the Eiffel Tower,” Hu says. “In the video, my husband serves me for a day as if he is a butler, and I also experience all the luxury lifestyle that The Parisian Macao offers.”

Pal Sinn poses as his wife’s butler in a scene from the anniversary video.

The couple are no strangers to the Sands Resorts Macao and its events, and made a video about last year’s Sands Macao Fashion Week.

As frequent visitors to the city, the couple feel at home whenever they return to The Parisian Macao.

“When I’m in town for work, I always stay and relax in the hotel after the day is done, Hu says, citing the importance of its suites’ comfort. “The Parisian Macao is very cosy and comfy,” she adds. “It feels like home every time we are here.”

The hotel’s signature restaurant La Chine is also the couple’s favourite.

“I like to eat a lot,” says Sinn, star of Hong Kong TVsitcom Come Home Love: Lo and Behold. “We had dinner at La Chine last night. The food is really good and the chef always prepares some very special dishes for us.”

This year also marks Hu and Sinn’s 10th wedding anniversary. They met when Hu was recording her debut album “Today, Tomorrow, Overmorrow”. Sinn was one of its producers, having been the acclaimed bassist of 1980s Hong Kong band Blue Jeans.

“We met and fell in love because of music,” Hu recalls.

The couple's harmony seems stronger than ever, especially as they have been working together more frequently in recent years.

“Whenever we work together, I’m more like a mother to him,” Hu says. “I would keep reminding him of our schedule and what we have to do next. I would keep chasing him to get ready quickly and he would ask me to relax. We are very different personalities. Maybe that’s how our relationship works.”

Pal Sinn and Paisley Hu credit the success of their relationship to their different personalities.

Hu reveals a clue to their bond, however. Respect and trust keep their love fresh and alive, she says.

“He just lets me be who I am,” Hu says. “He allows me do whatever I want and be the decision-maker most of the time. But when big things happen, he will be there to protect me. He is a very funny guy and I think that’s a very important thing too.”

The couple’s future looks bright, and busy. Sinn expects to spend most of his time on his TV sitcom and join the world tour of his group, HK Band, which he formed with veteran Hong Kong rockers Jun Kung, Paul Wong, Danny Summer and Joey Tang.

“We’ve got used to each other’s irregular working schedules,” Sinn says. “But it could be a good thing as we treasure our time together more.”

Hu says the couple are “super flattered and excited” to take part in The Parisian Macao’s video. And when its filming is over, she will do one more thing at the luxury resort.

“I’ll definitely go to the Eiffel Tower and take a photo again this year,” she says.

Paisley Hu promises to take another picture in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower