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Review: Riverdance at The Venetian Macao
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Review: Riverdance at The Venetian Macao

Iconic production is based on the story of the Irish diaspora and has been touring for more than two decades

Riverdance became an instant sensation when it hit the scene in 1994, going on  o be regarded as one of the most successful dance productions of all time. The production stopped by The Venetian Macao from January 24 to February 5.

The show has retained the innovative blend of Irish and modern dance and music that made it a phenomenon, but in this format - leaner and better adapted to smaller venues - it’s more exciting. Fresh elements have been weaved into the production, revealed through new costumes, lighting, and a new song. The show has also taken on a more multicultural touch with the appearance of flamenco and Russian acrobatics.

Outstanding leads William Bryant and Lauren Smyth cut impeccable performances, but it is the ebb and flow between the larger ensemble works and the smaller, more intimate segments - the panache always undiminished - that transfix the viewer.

Joining the ensemble was a dream come true for Smyth, from Newtownards in Northern Ireland. “I was eight years old when I first saw it on TV,” she says of Riverdance. “Everyone can be inspired by it and take something different away for themselves. The great thing for me is the music. Everyone is uplifted… by the end of the show they’re definitely feeling energised.”

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