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Get an Earful
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Get an Earful

Go long, go thin and over the top is the word on earrings this fall and winter, and maisons have plenty to offer the discerning woman – or man – keen to indulge in a little lobe love. By Arthur Tam

Recently, I was asked a trivia question concerning the fashion comedy queens, The Golden Girls. The correct answer would determine the winner of the game. “What accoutrement did the four women wear throughout all seven seasons?” the MC said. My opponent answered, “kaftans”, which wasn’t a terrible guess, but ultimately incorrect. I replied, “earrings” and took home the trophy – to a resounding cheer from the crowd. 
To me, the answer was easy, even if you did not watch the show because earrings are “the” essential accessory. No woman can do without and there is an increasing number of men who are into a bit of lobe love. But why talk in binary terms when anyone and everyone can benefit from a pair of studs, hoops or dangling earrings? Every culture in the world has figured out that it’s an attractive complement to your face and overall look. For fall/winter 19, we see the ear huggers back in full force in even bolder and more creative ways. 

It takes quite a bit of optimism to go long in an investment. And when it comes to this season’s earrings, that statement rings true. At Loewe, a long belt earring with a square crystal buckle waves in the air as the model walks down the runway in a Puritan-meets-playful look. JW Anderson has a way of seamlessly reflecting the duality and contradictions of fashion into modern chic outfits. He offsets the masculinity of the belt earring with a pair shaped in a bow with a long tail. The motif is pretty and demure, but the crystal details give it that glamorous, attention-grabbing appeal. At Prada, Miuccia also has a sense of whimsy and humour with a pair of floral drop dangles in a pretty pink and a yellow resembling a sunflower. It is just the touch of colour that picks up an all-black outfit as seen on the model. 

To match outfits with more electric, colourful vibes, Kenzo released a pair of long earring in the shape of a thick paper clip. It has a futuristic, tech-driven aesthetic for the forward-thinking, progressive folk out there. We think it goes best with a neon polo neck. Over at Saint Laurent, longer is also better. But here, it is more severe with a pair of gold-toned, multichain earrings former model Betty Catroux would be happy to wear. She is, after all, the muse for this season’s collection of polished, sleek, grey and black looks.
Also in the French house’s repertoire is a pair of punkish, metal gun-coloured crystal studs, which cover up almost half the ear. It’s go long, and apparently, go wide. Match it with a beret or skull cap to increase the intensity of your look. If you’re looking for something more elegant, Dior has a pair of white bulbs with a cascading crystal tail. It’s perfect for those of us seeking a high femme and pretty look. Think high tea at a luxury hotel. 

At Chanel, we also see glam, chic studs with a sunlike silhouette fashioned with a monogram core and enclosed in pearl and glass beads. It goes wonderfully with the herringbone prints and iconic Chanel chain pattern pieces we see on the runway. 
To highlight the neckline, Chanel has a pair of pearl chandeliers with monogram clasp and teardrop. It’s fit for a queen, who slays walking down the streets in an oversized wool coat and pleated trousers. For more of a princess feel, Chanel also released a pair of heart-shaped, gold chandeliers, encrusted in pearls. These are more adorable than the chandeliers, and more approachable for everyday wear.
If pearls aren’t your thing, Isabel Marant knows how to be more down to earth with her collection of brass earrings that give off a sense of adventure and nomadic lifestyle. After all, the modern-day woman has places to explore and discover. So, while on that journey, she needs something that isn’t dainty, but fierce and with a bit more edge. Featured this season are her “Birdy” earrings, which are – as you might have guessed – shaped like songbirds suspended by delicate chains to form a silhouette of a fan. They are finished with swishy leaf-shaped charms dangling at the ends. 
Remember, with big statement earrings such as these it’s best to have your hair pulled back so they can be easily seen. Marant also has the brass motif in other styles of earrings that resemble blades swooshed up by turquoise and other desert tone stones. 
Where Marant features blades, Gucci offers shields. A big eye-catcher on the runway was the pair of hammered metal flaps covered in cabochon stones. The pressed metal covers the entire ear and resembles a cross between ancient Roman sculptures and Star Trek. They are gorgeous and can go with pretty much any everyday look like a blazer paired with a simple pair of jeans. It’s very Gucci to come out with accessories that elevate the most casual of looks. They are clip-ons too, so do not worry if you do not have piercings. Also covering the whole ear are the earrings shaped like actual ears with a cabochon stone on the lobe. It’s very meta and shows that playful and literal side of Alessandro Michele. Whatever he is doing, people are eating it up because Gucci is still the highest performing luxury brand these days. 
Well, that was an ear full, but there you have it. The longer your earrings, the better. Or, if you’re looking for studs, make sure they are over-the-top and large. And if it’s about the material, go for thin, delicate metals. You cannot go wrong with these choices, and you’ll be so happy when wearing them that you’ll be smiling ear to ear.