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Tonny Jan Brings ‘Mind Hacker’ Show to The Parisian Macao’s Parisian Theatre
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Tonny Jan Brings ‘Mind Hacker’ Show to The Parisian Macao’s Parisian Theatre

Prepare to be astonished by Asia’s greatest mentalist

One of the world’s best mind readers and mentalists, Tonny Jan will interact with and thrill audiences at The Parisian Macao’s Parisian Theatre between Dec. 14, 2019 – Jan. 12, 2020 with his groundbreaking Mind Hacker in Macao show. Tickets are on sale at all Cotai Ticketing box offices.

Jan, aka the ‘Mind Hacker’, has participated in numerous high-profile television shows, including on Nippon TV in Japan, China’s CCTV and Hunan TV, during which he successfully challenged and manipulated some highly respected personalities. These include notable detective and crime expert Henry Chang-Yu Lee, and the renowned filmmaker Kitano Takeshi.

No secret is safe from Jan, who has astonished and delighted audiences across Asia over the last 15 years with his skills in revealing their deepest secrets.

He uses psychology, micro-emotions and hypnosis, even looking at a volunteer’s breath, pulse and eye movements. Or does he simply read your mind?

Charismatic and humorous, the Mind Hacker can find out if you are telling the truth, who you are in love with, your favourite colour and what makes you happy.

A magical, surprising, touching and healing journey for the soul, don’t miss the Mind Hacker in Macao – Asia’s first mentalist theatre show!