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Sands Resorts Macao and teamLab to Launch Groundbreaking, Immersive Museum at The Venetian Macao
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Sands Resorts Macao and teamLab to Launch Groundbreaking, Immersive Museum at The Venetian Macao

A massive digital art destination to open in January 2020

Sands Resorts Macao and art collective teamLab will launch a monumental digital-only museum at The Venetian Macao in January 2020.

The as yet untitled permanent museum will be housed in The Venetian Macao’s Cotai Expo Hall F, boasting 5,000 square metres of floor space. With eight metre-high ceilings throughout, the space will be transformed by teamLab into an extremely complex, three-dimensional world with varying elevations, featuring constantly changing, immersive artworks. Currently under construction, the museum will unveil new pieces.

What teamLab calls a “body immersive” museum, the new destination at The Venetian Macao will be a world of artworks that blur the boundaries between the human body and art, challenging the conventional notion of the ‘physical’. Visitors will immerse themselves in the art with others, allowing them to explore new, continuous relationships that transcend the boundaries between themselves and the world.



Established in 2001, teamLab is an international art collective, interdisciplinary group of artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects whose collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology, design and the natural world. The group has held hugely popular exhibitions worldwide, with its stunning installations widely shared on social media.

teamLab aims to explore a new relationship between humans and nature, and between people and the world through art. Digital technology has allowed art to liberate itself from the physical and transcend boundaries. teamLab sees no boundary between humans and nature, and between individuals and the world. Everything exists in a long, fragile, yet miraculous, borderless continuity of life.