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On the Lam

One of Hong Kong’s most enduring entertainers regales his fans in Macao

George Lam is one of the most prolific Canto-pop singer-songwriters ever. Having started his music career in the 70s, he is known for his cheeky lyrics and amazing talent for penning songs despite having no formal musical training.

“Suncity Group Presents: GEORGE LAM LAMUSICAL 2019 CONCERT MACAO”  at The Venetian Macao had the overarching theme of love and family, with Lam’s son Alex appearing alongside Bianca Wu and Terence Siufay in an ensemble never seen before.

The crowd erupted in cheers when Lam senior delivered a heartfelt cover of  Su Rui’s With Love, and when he sang the lyrics “I believe with love, there will always be a way” with such emotion it left the audience on the verge of tears.

Lam’s wife and pop diva, Sally Yeh, who was art director for the show, was also a special guest towards the end of the evening and her entry on stage was greeted with a roar of applause. Yeh’s energetic performance and her unfading beauty left fans of the couple longing for her return to the stage for a concert of her own.

An evening with a constellation of stars, and the legacy of Lam’s music career firmly in the hands of his son, gave the audience a night they are certain never to forget.