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Aaron Kwok embarks his Aa Kode World Tour in Macao
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Aaron Kwok embarks his Aa Kode World Tour in Macao

Aaron Kwok is a someone who needs no introduction in Asia. The megastar has embarked on his latest world tour, which kicked off at The Venetian Macao’s Cotai Arena. For two consecutive nights, on January 18 and 19, Kwok regaled fans with a line-up of high-octane tracks interspersed with his signature ballads.

The concert at the Cotai Arena marked the launch of Kwok’s "de Aa Kode World Tour", which will make 100 stops around the world.

The highlight of the evening was definitely his latest take on Chang Zhe Ge, a solid hit – and the official song for a famous 1998 Pepsi advertisement – that is always set to powerful choreography.

Kwok's world tour will make 100 stops around the world

Dressed in military-style outfits, Kwok and his dancers menacingly glowered at the audience from the multi-layered stage, much like the scene in Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki’s 1986 animated feature film Laputa, where the “green soldiers” are about to launch an attack. The build up, complete with an intro of marching sounds, exploded into an intricately planned show of strength and amazing skill.

The night’s edgy mix of theatre, costumes and dance did not detract from Kwok’s enduring image as a heartthrob; he was even able to get away with a questionable nest-inspired wig. The star went on to serenade fans with a slew of pop hits and other favourites, including Crazy City, Tie Mu You Huo and When I Found Out That You Are In Love, and was assisted vocally on many of the songs by the passionate crowd.

Everyone left the show with lasting impressions not only of the evening’s musical flourishes, but the theatrics and visuals, too