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Sam Hui and Alan Tam give Macao audiences a night to remember
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Sam Hui and Alan Tam give Macao audiences a night to remember

Anyone familiar with Canto-pop needs no introduction to Sam Hui and Alan Tam. Hui is considered a Canto-pop virtuoso – his catchy tunes and lyrics are popular outside Hong Kong, too, especially in Southeast Asia.

Tam – nicknamed “Principal Tam” for his longevity on the local music scene – is one of Hong Kong’s most successful pop icons, with a whopping 800 songs to his name.

So when the two superstars met on the stage of the Cotai Arena in The Venetian Macao, fans were captivated during a night of nostalgia and reminiscence.

The singers kicked off the concert with The Perfect Match – a song written and performed by Hui, and which was the theme for the 1982 action comedy movie, Aces Goes Places, in which Hui also starred. The fever-pitch atmosphere continued with one of Tam’s 1980s hits Sweet Love, as the dynamic duo swayed with a crew of dancers and sang with an energy reminiscent of their concerts of yesteryear.

The duo brought energy up on stage with a crew of dancers 

While the tracks were an enthralling trip down memory lane, the best part of the evening was the playful banter between the entertainers; it had everyone in stitches.

The evening ended with several encores, and elated fans who did not want the night to end