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China's 'Fresh Cook' brings star power to The Parisian
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China's 'Fresh Cook' brings star power to The Parisian

The Parisian Macao provided a spectacular stage for the hit TV show

A host of celebrities were brought together at The Parisian Macao for a new episode of "The Fresh Cook", China's hugely popular answer to "Celebrity Masterchef". 

The assembled stars battled it out to win the title prize at various locations throughout the resort, including The Parisian's Pool Deck and the Eiffel Tower Observation Deck, making the most of the lavish backdrops.

Stars included Shin and Yuan Hua, Fan TianTian and Peng Yu, Zhang Xiao Fei and Zhang Tai Wei, Ryan Zuo and Shao Bing, Huang Ting Ting and Feng Xin Duo from girl band SNH48, and special guest Myolie Wu. Shin and Yuan Hua won the first round, while the team comprised of Fan Tiantian, Peng Yu, Zhang Xiaofei, Zhang Taiwei, Ryan Zuo and Shao Bing won the second round.

The Parisian episode was broadcast on July 5 on Jiangsu Satellite TV, one of China's most popular entertainment channels.

"The Fresh Cook" was China's first celebrity reality cookery show and remains a leading programme across the nation.