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Gear up with new gadgets
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Gear up with new gadgets

A look at hot gadgets that are out now… and some we are hoping to see soon

We tech-heads are a greedy bunch. It’s not enough for us to know what we can have now: we want to know what’s headed our way down the innovation pipeline. After each year’s Consumer Electronics Show we find ourselves on tenterhooks to find out what makes it past Kickstarter and into the stores.

“Get rid of your TV!” yells the marketing spiel for the Z4 Aurora, which won a coveted Best of Innovation award at this year’s CES. This proudly China-designed-and-made, Android-powered projector makes big claims, with the
company preferring to call it a “screenless TV”. It comes with Harmon/Kardon audio hardware, gesture support and is good for everything up to and including 4K video.

Garmin’s latest watch range, the fēnix 5, offers GPS-based mapping, activity tracking, compass and barometer, a state-of-the-art heartrate monitor and full smartphone connectivity. It’s also water resistant to 100 metres, comes in funky colours and various strap options.

The FlowMotion ONE, on Kickstarter, is among a new generation of gimbals. How’s it different from the present crop? It weighs just 300 grams, can fit in a pocket or handbag, and attaches easily to pretty much any smartphone out there. Are the days of shakycam over? Not quite - though they might be numbered.

Water resistant and dust and shockproof, the 360fly 4K is a 360-degree camera with a standard tripod mount, 64GB of internal storage, and a single button for power and recording. It also looks pretty swish. Just the thing for a trip to Hac Sa Beach with friends.

Macao has tight regulations on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) - drones must not stray further than 30 metres from the operator; no flying at night - but this doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the airborne fun. The tiny Powerup FPV is the first smartphone-controlled paper airplane on the market. The FPV’s video camera gives a live, first-person view that can be shared in real time on social media.

When Apple announced last year that the iPhone 7 would come without a headphone jack, the news was met with, let us say, mixed opinion. This has spurred earphone makers into R&D overdrive, and truly wireless earbuds are improving with every iteration. Step forward Bragi, whose Bluetooth buds give surprisingly decent sound quality, six hours’ playtime and look darn cool.