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Give the Gift of Spa Time
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Give the Gift of Spa Time

This Christmas treat yourself and your loved ones to an extra special present: perfect pampering in expert hands.

It’s the end of a long, tough year. The holidays are in sight, but there’s 
a full calendar of festive events to celebrate first. To cruise into the holiday season looking impossibly rejuvenated, prioritise a bit of spa time. At the spas in Sands Resorts Macao, the combination of 
results-driven treatments with luxury skincare brands and exciting gift bags to take home is enough to make the weariest of souls feel the 
lift of the festive spirit. 

Face first
British facialist Georgia Louise Vassanelli’s Georgia Louise-branded formations and facials, as beloved by the rich and famous at her Atelier on Fifth Avenue in New York City, are found exclusively at Sands Resorts Macao. Bodhi Spa at Conrad Macao, the new V Retreat at 
The Venetian Macao and Le SPA’tique at The Parisian Macao offer the crème de la crème of rejuvenation for ultimate radiance.

Glow like an angel
Georgia Louise’s Angel GLo Facial is where tech meets touch. 
The multitechnology facial is ideal when time is short and you need results fast. Designed for Victoria’s Secret’s famous angels, it features the winning combination of LED Mask and galvanic GLo Pulse, which respectively shine and shimmy your complexion’s issues away. 
LED (Light Emitting Diode therapy), has a fascinating history; it was designed by Nasa to help plants grow on shuttle missions and, when found to be beneficial for skin and muscle regeneration, was adopted by US Navy SEALs for treating wounds and for use on damaged muscle tissue. 
Aesthetically, LED’s most common uses are on pigmentation, acne and wrinkles, but it benefits almost any complexion issue. Different light wavelengths target different skin issues – red is designed to address fine lines and wrinkles, blue is for those prone to acne and oily skin, green to combat pigmentation, yellow for sun damage, white for whitening, purple for all-over anti-ageing, and cyan for damaged skin. Your therapist will decide which LED to use from the rainbow of healing frequencies to answer your specific complexion’s needs.
Building on this restoring LED foundation, galvanic treatment uses mild electric currents that pulse through the skin, pushing the healing and nourishing ingredients deeper into the dermis. A mask mixture is painted onto the face and the Georgia Louise GLoPulse headset is placed on the cheeks, where it gently hums against the skin. The technology initiates an avalanche of beneficial effects: stimulating the skin’s cells and their collagen, tightening the skin’s surface, thereby minimising fine lines and wrinkles, boosting elasticity and increasing the circulation for a mini detox. No wonder it is Vassanelli’s favourite beauty technology.
Got to Glow
At Bodhi Spa, the Got to GLo package includes a 30-minute back massage using a blend of Zents’ festive fig, black pepper and cognac oils. At V Retreat and Le SPA’tique, you’ll start your treatment with a full body and a back massage respectively, both using LING’s warming ginger and black pepper oil. The therapist’s hands will expertly iron out the accumulation of stress and the results of desk-bound sitting, targeting hotspots like the neck and shoulders and lower back. You’ll stand taller, walk lighter and feel physically as well as aesthetically refreshed. 
Each of the three spas also has its speciality when it comes to festive packages, and they come with little gingerbread men and Kasar rose chai tea treats, too.

Sugar and spice … at Conrad
All things nice like Pink Himalayan stones, salt, sugar, and mandarin and shea butter oil band beautifully together for the two-hour “Mandarin on The Rocks” treatment. The citrus scent of mandarin brings an instant festive feel, as the back gets a short but awakening 15-minute scrub made of sugar infused with the sweet fruit, mixed with cleansing salt. 
Next is a 90-minute massage featuring a 15-minute Saltability Back Massage. Imagine warmed and energising pink salt stones tracing the muscles, leaving a trail of heat and healing in their wake. And the treatment finishes with a 15-minute, 24-Carat Gold Collagen Facial, rejuvenating your complexion from the outside in, resulting in a stunning radiance.

Precious stones at Parisian
The “Red Jasper Lunar Retreat” takes you on a journey through a 90-minute back massage using fig, mandarin, cinnamon and cognac oils for the ultimate Christmas blend, ideal when combined with the 15-minute, incredibly relaxing, hot stone back massage using volcanic stones.
The 30-minute facial that follows includes Red Jasper gem rollers, which lend a powerful protective and positive energy that stabilises and grounds. Then the ultimate Christmas ingredient, chestnut, makes a surprise appearance in the sheet mask, full of antioxidants and rich in vitamins C and B, along with minerals and fatty acids. 

Extreme heaLING at Venetian
LING skincare stands for everything that is luxurious and nutritious for the skin. Ideally suited for Asian skins, but good for all complexions. Ling Chan is a Hongkonger turned New Yorker and skin whisperer. Her skincare elevates cleansing to an art and fragrances to an olfactory journey. 
The ‘FeeLING Warm, FeeLING Beautiful’ package at V Retreat starts with a 60-minute FeeLING Warm massage, focusing on physical hotspots via deep tissue techniques that get to the root of aches and pains. Ling’s ginger and black pepper organic oil helps ease knots and tension.
Then the hour-long Pumpkin Enzyme Facial introduces pumpkin extract, full of vitamin E and fatty acids that nourish the skin and increase hydration while minimising moisture loss. It’s also a beneficial source of zinc and potassium, which together balance the skin, combating redness and inflammation. With treatments like these, you’ll feel fit enough to face any festive challenge. 

Happy holidays one and all!
While you’re guaranteed to leave looking and feeling uplifted, do not forget: packages include take-home gifts that have pride of place in your wellness regime.
“All our packages include a home care element that makes them particularly irresistible,” says Tracy Lord, director of SPA operations at Conrad Macao, Cotai Central, The Parisian Macao and The Venetian Macao. “Guests who enjoyed the ‘Got to GLo’ package get 10 sheet masks to take home, choosing from Aqua, which is rich in hyaluronic acid for plumping, moisturising and minimising fine lines: the Honey Mask for brightening, and the Green Tea mask, full of antioxidants for combination skin.”
Continue the citrus scent of mandarin after the Mandarin on The Rocks treatment with a goody bag that contains a Zents Mandarin Body Oil and two organic Mandarin Bath Truffles. At Le SPA’tique, Zents giveaways feature, too, with Zents Fig Handwash and two Fig Bath Truffles to enjoy back home.
Following your FeeLING Warm, FeeLING Beautiful package at V Retreat, Ling’s beauty accessories the FeeLING Beautiful Bath Mitt and four Karuna Sheet Masks are all yours. 
Of course, you could pay the feel-good factor forward, wrap them up and give these gifts to your friends and family on Christmas Day, thus spreading the wellbeing. But always remember: self-care is the best gift you can give yourself!