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Sands Golden Chefs - Part 2
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Sands Golden Chefs - Part 2

Meet the culinary masters of Sands Resorts Macao, the second instalment of our two-part series by Anna Cummins

Dexterous hands, rapid decision-making abilities, intense attention to detail, exemplary leadership and unwavering focus under pressure – top chefs and kung fu masters have a lot more in common than you may at first think. Taking a dash of lighthearted inspiration from classic kung fu movies such as The God of Cookery and The 18 Bronzemen, 12 of our talented chefs at Sands Resorts Macao have travelled from around the world to enrol in ‘The Golden Chef Academy’, where they must undergo rigorous training and endurance tests before attaining the coveted status of Golden Chef. This prized accolade ensures that they can offer Sands Resorts Macao’s customers world-class cuisine of exceptional quality. Here, we showcase the expertise and essence of six of the 12 Golden Chefs, by introducing the signatures dishes that best represent them.

Marco Pacetta Senior Chef, Portofino (The Venetian Macao) 

Mozzarella in carrozza 

At his traditional Italian trattoria, senior chef Marco Pacetta presides over an ever-evolving menu of family-friendly Italian classics, including fresh pizza and seafood. The mouth-watering “mozzarella in carrozza” exemplifies Chef Marco’s culinary prowess. This fried cheese sandwich, a southern Italian street food favourite, is elevated with a stuffing of Sicilian red prawns, tomato coulis, pesto and caviar.

Hew Choong Yew 丘仲耀 Executive Chef – Lotus Palace  (The Parisian Macao) 

Fresh oyster with bean curd custard

At The Parisian Macao’s signature Chinese restaurant, the focus is on traditional Chinese cuisine – from regional favourites to dim sum and fresh seafood – all redefined by Executive Chef Hew Choong Yew with unusual ingredients and lavish trimmings. Chef Yew’s signature fresh oyster with bean curd custard is topped with spicy lemon jelly and caviar to give new expression to this familiar favourite

Daniel Brolese Executive French Chef, Brasserie (The Parisian Macao) 

Moules à la crème 

The humble brasserie is a fundamental part of French dining culture –  a place for friends and family to gather over comforting Gallic classics such as steak tartare, onion soup and galettes. Chef Daniel grew up on a farm in southern France and brings his extensive culinary knowledge to Macao’s most authentic brasserie. His rendition of the beloved moules à la creme pairs fresh steamed mussels with a rich white wine, shallot and cream sauce. 

Ken Xu 徐克 Senior Chef at North (The Venetian Macao)

Lanzhou-style braised beef la mian noodles 

Ken Xu’s team of chefs prepare award-winning traditional cuisine from Sichuan province and their native Dongbei (northeastern) region. Chef Ken has conceived an authentic Lanzhou-style braised beef la mian noodles, featuring hand-pulled la mian noodles prepared – live, in front of guests – in the Lanzhou style, with dough pulled quickly and firmly to achieve an even texture. The dish is a hearty soup featuring slices of juicy beef, topped with fresh herbs and spices.

Gully Guillaume Chef – Le Buffet (The Parisian Macao) ​

Seared scallops with mango chutney, passion fruit and green apply jelly 

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Le Buffet takes diners on a journey through European and Asian flavours in a lofty, art deco-influenced food hall. Meals are prepared at live cooking stations manned by a passionate team of chefs helped by Chef Gully from France, who has crafted a delightfully flavourful signature dish of seared scallops with mango chutney, passion fruit and green apple jelly. 

Yap Poh Weng 葉寶榮 Executive Chinese Chef, Dynasty 8 (Conrad Macao) 

Steamed crab claw with golden egg white 

Boasting three decades of experience in five-star hotels and restaurants, Yap Poh Weng is a highly respected award-winning chef and dim sum master. In the eight private dining rooms at Dynasty 8, Chef Yap takes diners on a culinary tour of China’s dynasties through the ages. Chef Yap’s signature steamed crab claw with golden egg white is his standout – this delicate dish marries the light, silky texture of egg whites with the soft and sweet steamed crab claw, topped with a sliver of gold leaf for decadent perfection.

The Venetian Macao 

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North +853 8118 9980

The Parisian Macao 

Brasserie +853 8111 9200

Lotus Palace  +853 8111 9260

Le Buffet +853 8111 9250

Conrad Macao 

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