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Celebrity facialist Georgia Louise launches her beauty technology in Macao
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Celebrity facialist Georgia Louise launches her beauty technology in Macao

Fresh from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018 in New York, Georgia Louise Vassanelli jetted into Macao in November to launch her wearable beauty technology, the GLOPulse, and her exclusive Angel GLO Facial.

The British facialist, who crossed the pond to wow Hollywood’s A-list from her Atelier on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, has a client list that includes Linda Evangelista, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Amy Schumer, Alexander Wang, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and more. But there’s one name in particular that is an eye-opener: Anna Wintour. If she has time to take off her sunglasses and squeeze a Georgia Louise facial into her day, it must be worth having.

“My first client in New York was a supermodel called… Linda Evangelista,” says Vassanelli with a modest smile. Called in to fix Evangelista’s galvanic machine, the facialist’s all-time favourite beauty technology that produces mild electric currents to rejuvenate the skin, the supermodel then asked her how to use it properly. An hour-and-a-half long facial later and Vassanelli had a very impressed client who immediately recommended her to her supermodel friends.

The appreciation is clearly more than skin deep. “Linda Evangelista is actually godmother to my children,” says Vassanelli. “And I’m also very close to Jennifer Aniston.”

The Angel GLO facial is available at The Conrad Macao's Bodhi SPA

No doubt she has a chorus of Victoria’s Secret angels counting her as a bestie, too. As Victoria Secret’s first-ever skincare expert, she says the models struggle with their skin due to diet restrictions, and congestion and blemishes from using make-up. “They used to be shy to have their photos taken without make-up, but because their skin has been taken care of for the first time, they can now talk to press and feel comfortable,” she says.

This is one of the many reasons she absolutely loves her job, and what set her on this career path 25 years ago. It was at the tender age of 14 that she fell in love with the ritual of beauty and looking after her skin, and her youthful complexion at the age of 38 (as well as the results on the celebrities she treats), is a great advertisement for what she does. “I love to see results, to see growth and changes in the skin,” she says. “It’s the best satisfaction I get.”

It’s not always easy, though. So that both she and her celebrity clients get the best out of her facials, she creates bespoke travel kits and writes a strict tailor-made - and laminated - protocol for each person. “I tell clients off if they haven’t done the regimen,” she laughs. “There’s little point in having me do a facial if they haven’t done their homework. They get scared, they know I can read it all on their faces.”

It turns out celebrity clients are focused on much the same issues as the rest of us – top of the heap, anti-ageing – resulting in some rather sophisticated facials in Vassanelli’s Atelier. “I need to try to find a balance of aggressive without being too overstimulating, and build in time for calming the skin,” says Vassanelli, who uses a range of hi-tech equipment and cutting-edge science. “They don’t want to be papped with a red face when they leave.”

Instead, clients are now leaving with her new GLOPulse handsfree headset and masks, which she calls “the first generation of wearable beauty technology”.

The GLOPulse headset is the first generation of wearable beauty technology

You smooth the conductor sheet mask on, which looks and feels just like a regular sheet mask, then the headset rests over the cheeks and emits a tingly galvanic current. The mask and current create a circuit over the face, with positive and negative ions pushing the mask’s skincare deep into the skin. Choose Green for combination skin, which cleanses and softens with green tea and vitamin B, Aqua for hydration and collagen stimulation thanks to its hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, or Honey for brightening and soothing via honey and vitamin C. Then you go about your day, as you were, multitasking through the 20-minute cycle.

The mask and galvanic combination feeds and hydrates the skin from the outside in, boosting the circulation, and leaving a healthy glow. Use two or three times a week and you’ll start to see some gratifying changes in texture, plumpness and tone.

For hands-on Georgia Louise-style care for the skin, Vassanelli has trained the therapists at the Parisian Macao’s Le SPA’Tique and Conrad Macao’s Bodhi Spa to deliver the Angel GLO facial, originally created for Victoria Secret angels.

Le SPA'Tique, The Parisian Macao

The facial packs a smorgasbord of beauty techniques into a 75-minute treatment. Naturally, the GLOPulse headset features, using the ideal bamboo sheet mask for your skin, and so does an LED face and neck mask for super-stimulation of your collagen, which shines down on a skin-softening GLO enzyme peeling mask. An Ice Cryo massage brings in circulation-boosting coldfreeze tools, followed by a gua sha massage, influenced by the ancient Chinese technique, which lifts and sculpts the face using rose quartz stones. It’s non-invasive but super results-driven for a beautifully hydrated, brightened complexion.

No downtime, redness or irritation, the Angel GLO Facial will have you red-carpet-ready, and GLOPulse will keep you glowing like a Victoria’s Secret angel until your next spa date.

Angel GLO Facial, MOP1,690, or MOP2,750 including a GLOPulse headset to take home. Exclusively available at Le SPA’Tique at the Parisian Macao and Bodhi SPA at the Conrad Macao.