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Golden Court Restaurant, A Cantonese food gem in Macao
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Golden Court Restaurant, A Cantonese food gem in Macao

Sands Macao’s Golden Court restaurant is one of the best Cantonese restaurants in town, with chef Calvin Lee serving the eatery’s new signatures


Ushering in a new chef takes time. They have to get used to the kitchen, the staff, the logistics between the front of the house and the kitchen and, if they are expatriates, to get accustomed to the city’s culture and, most importantly, the ingredients. Chef Calvin Lee Chiu-fat was appointed as senior chef of Golden Court at Sands Macao more than a year ago, but he has used this time to introduce a slew of new dishes so popular that they have become the Cantonese restaurant’s signature menu items. These are the dishes to ensure repeat visits.

Chef Calvin Lee presents a new spin on the classics

Wok-fried Cubed Prime Beef Fillets with Okra and Wasabi

High quality beef is always a treat, but it’s a testament to the skill of a chef when they can gauge the perfect tenderness while stir-frying the fast-cooking ingredient. Golden Court’s Wok-fried Cubed Prime Beef Fillets includes wasabi to add a bit of heat, and okra to vary the texture of the dish. There is immaculate attention to detail and diners can taste it in every bite.

Vegetables and Scallop Dumplings with Black Truffle

Black truffle in Cantonese fare may get one or two eye rolls on the dining table. We’ve seen this ingredient abused and overused in many cuisines, not only in Chinese cooking. The dumpling is clean on the palate with a subtle brininess enhanced by the black truffle garnish, which elevated the flavour rather than trying to dominate. This is a must for those who prefer simpler dishes.

Tossed Jellyfish with Chicken and Spicy Sauce

This is one of our favourites among the new signatures. Chef Calvin included taro alongside the usual shredded carrot and cucumber to smooth out some of the spices and the jellyfish for an extra crunch. A crossover between the traditional shredded chicken on cold noodles and chicken in chilli oil, the luscious mala chilli sauce and a few of the other ingredients create a blend of flavours to excite the senses.

Hot and Sour Soup with Blue Lump Crabmeat

Hot and sour soup is usually something to order when you crave spice. This version packs less of a punch, but makes up for it in taste. The addition of crab as a protein adds harmony, rather than receiving a kick of chilli, and the work involved in shredding the bean curd and black fungus provides balance to the flavour. While the broth itself remains spicy, it is the way the ingredients moderate some of the heat that is ingenious.

Hot and Sour Soup with Blue Lump Crabmeat

Macao Sole in Duo Cooking – Sauteed and Deep-fried

This seafood dish was one of the first menu items to emerge from the kitchen after the arrival of Chef Calvin. Macao sole is known for its sweet and tender meat, and is a treat when sautéed with garlic, asparagus and red bell peppers. The fun part lies in the presentation. The bones are deep-fried for an extended time to draw out all moisture, rendering the aesthetically pleasing ‘sail’ created in its presentation totally edible.

There are numerous impressive eateries in Macao, but creative good Cantonese isn’t easy to come by and Golden Court is a must for gourmands who love to tantalise their taste buds.

Golden Court, Sands Macao 
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