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Sands spa treatments: scrubbing off the summer
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Sands spa treatments: scrubbing off the summer

This autumn, why not book a spa for a skin-tingling scrub that cleanses, smoothes and heals?

Gently scratchy yet soothing, cleansing and smoothing, a full body scrub is healing while also deliciously indulgent. 

Often the opening therapy in a multitreatment spa journey, a scrub (exfoliation or polish) is ideal for prepping the skin for absorbing nutritious ingredients used in a following wrap or massage. Ideal after a long-haul flight or as a treat after a pressured week at work, it feels as if the hassle and stress are literally being scrubbed from your body and mind.

Seasonally, post-summer is the perfect time for a scrub, according to Tracy Lord, director of Spa Operations for Conrad Macao, Cotai Central and The Parisian Macao. “Autumn is a great time to talk about scrubbing or exfoliating the skin as it is often dry from time spent in the summer sun and may be prone to becoming more clogged due to excessive sweat and wearing heavy sun creams,” Lord says.

Sands Resorts Macao has a number of inventive scrubs that balance healing and indulgence. Neatly encompassing the spa’s concepts of modern Chinese and traditional French, Le SPA’tique at The Parisian offers the Imperial Rice Scrub or the Grape & Merlot Sugar Scrub, both of which Lord recommends.

The Imperial Rice Scrub brings together organic rice to smooth and brighten the skin and absorb excess sebum, and Ling aromatherapy oils and hydrators designed to nourish the skin. Heading West, all the way from the healing traditions of Europe, the Grape & Merlot Sugar Scrub smells good enough to eat. It is an anti-ageing mixture that uses the polyphenol resveratrol in red wine to help reduce inflammation and further prevent free-radical damage.

Whether you go Asian or European, free radical antioxidants that help combat ageing are a key feature of the scrubs at Le SPA’tique. 

Nearby, Bodhi Spa at the Conrad Macao merges East and West within its Exotic Asian Cleansing Body Scrub, which features lemongrass and rose. Lemongrass is a natural antiseptic and toner, ideal for cleansing and purifying the skin, while rose essential oils calm the skin as well as the mind. 

If you love waking to the smell of coffee, head to the Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Macao for your caffeine fix. The Four Seasons Signature Polish of coffee and frankincense puts the two powerful ingredients together for a formidable energy boost, while frankincense also calms inflammation and decreases pain.

For those looking for something a little more mellow, the Floral Sensation Body Scrub is a gentle, fragrant experience that uses sugar and salt to exfoliate and rose and ylang ylang essential oils to moisturise the body and delight the senses.

At the Sheraton Grand Macao, Cotai Central’s Shine Spa, the Apple Green Tea Scrub is the body polish equivalent of a green smoothie. The fruit acids in the apples help cleanse and brighten the skin, adding a host of vitamins. Both ingredients are full of antioxidants, while the anti-inflammatory polyphenols in green tea have anti-ageing qualities. Alternatively the Brown Sugar Scrub is a blend of sugars and green mandarin to smooth, tone and revitalise the skin.

Last, but certainly not least, Iridium Spa at The St. Regis has a unique set of scrubs. Based on sea salt for mineralising, refreshing and softening the skin, the treatments also harness the power of gemstones.

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