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Cool off: 4 of the best summer cocktails at Sands Resorts Macao
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Cool off: 4 of the best summer cocktails at Sands Resorts Macao

On a sweltering afternoon, there’s only one thing you need to beat the heat – a perfectly mixed summer cocktail

Mojito Italiano
Spirito Bar at The Venetian Macao
The bar: Spirito, which specialises in classic Italian tipples, shares a terrace with Portofino, offering views of The Venetian Macao’s swimming pools.
The drink? Mojito Italiano 
How’s it made? A brown sugar cube is stirred into Campari until it dissolves, before getting a squeeze of orange, lime juice, soda water and plenty
of fresh mint.
The taste: Think of it as a combination of a Campari soda, Campari and orange and a traditional mojito all in one, with a wonderful orangey bitterness that’s offset by all that fresh mint.
That summer vibe: “It’s beautiful for a sunny day.I like the way we make it – a little like making an Old Fashioned. Now it’s all molecular, lots of smoke and bubbles,” says Kunruthai Kasemkittiwath, bartender at Spirito.
What else? If you’re not drinking, check out the Virgin Frutti Di Bosco: crushed blackberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, stirred
with raspberry syrup, cranberry and lemon juice, and lots of ice.

Eiffel Martini
Brasserie at The Parisian Macao

The bar: The Brasserie exudes classic French bistro charm,and the bar is well-stocked with classic French tipples.
The drink: Eiffel Martini
How’s it made? Fresh blackberries and raspberries are muddled with vodka, pineapple juice and raspberry syrup, before being shaken and double-strained into a Martini glass. The result is a beautiful violet cocktail, garnished with a tower-like pineapple leaf.
The taste: The Eiffel Martini is beautifully balanced. A strong berry note on
the nose is counterbalanced by the pineapple, which means that it’s not too sweet – with a gently frothy, foamy touch.
That summer vibe: “It’s perfect because the drink represents the Pacific with pineapple, and summer with fresh berries – and the vodka goes with everything under the sun,” says Edu Zamora, bartender at Brasserie.
What else? Brasserie prides itself on its classic French aperitifs, from the port-esque Dubonnet to a herby green Chartreuse. If you’re not drinking, try the Virgin Night in Paris – a mix of blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry, all muddled with cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime for tartness.

Isola Aperitivo
Conrad Lobby Lounge at Conrad Macao

The bar: This lounge has a huge domed roof which creates a lofty space.
The drink: Isola Aperitivo
How’s it made? Gin, Galliano and orange juice are shaken and strained into a martini glass, before  Campari is slowly poured in. It’s garnished with orange and cherry.
The taste: It may look like a tequila sunrise, but this is an infinitely more subtle drink. The Isola Aperitivo – Italian for “Island Aperitif” – is a delicate balancing act, with an ideal mix of sweet and savoury that’s lifted by an almond note.
That summer vibe: “I visited Florence for a couple of weeks, and went to a bar run by a friend. They asked me to create something, and so I came up with this cocktail. It became a best-seller there,” says Rhene de Vera, beverage manager at Sands Cotai Central.

Moscow Mule
The St. Regis Bar at The St. Regis Macao

The bar: This is a place that wants you to watch their bartenders at work.
The drink: Moscow Mule
How’s it made? A mix of vodka, lime, ginger ale, fresh ginger and home-made ginger syrup. It’s served in the traditional beaten copper mug for that extra measure of style.
The taste: The St. Regis’ home-made ginger syrup – in place of the usual ginger beer – delivers a spicy note to this classic beverage.
That summer vibe: “Ginger and lime take away that thirsty feeling. Lots of ice cools you down, and even the copper mug gets icy to the touch,” says Paul Hu, manager of The St. Regis bar.
What else? Try the house-infused gins, or the When Gin Meets Berries, with muddled fresh berries, gin, Chambord, triple sec, and grapefruit juice.