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Five chicken dishes to crow about
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Five chicken dishes to crow about

It’s the Year of the Rooster, and several tasty dishes are on offer, each customised to make these gregarious birds feel in their natural element

The Year of the Rooster is here, and it’s time to celebrate all things poultry.

Tradition has it that those born under this zodiac sign are talented, gregarious and perfectionist. But that’s not to say all roosters are the same. They can be distinguished according to which of the five elements influences their personalities the most.

So call up your favourite rooster, take them out for a chicken meal customised to their personality, and watch them shine.

Fire Rooster

Years: 1957, 2017
Personality: Fire roosters are vigorous, temperamental and principled. They’re single-minded and intent, but they’ll always get the job done.
Dish: Kandari murgh tikka at The Golden Peacock, The Venetian Macao.
Cooked in a fiery-hot tandoor oven, the kandari murgh tikka is the perfect dish for the Fire Rooster. It’s served on a skewer straight to the table, as befits the no-nonsense type. Michelin-starred The Golden Peacock marinates its chicken in a baby beetroot-and-pomegranatelaced sauce with cumin and coriander seed, Kashmiri chilli, hung-curd and cashew nut. Then it’s skewered and grilled in the tandoor, giving the chicken a delectable char with a rich sweetness underneath. The Fire Rooster won’t be able to resist… nor will anyone else.
While you’re there: Get the Kumarakom tiger prawns, cooked with a 90-day smoked kralan kokum berry for a wonderfully tart tang.
Reservations: +853 8118 9696

Earth Rooster

Year: 1969
Personality: The Earth Rooster is a little more serious than its fellows. They are studious, accurate and analytical, willing to take the time to do things properly.
Dish: Whole crispy salt-baked chicken with five spice salt and black truffle at Dynasty 8, Sands Cotai Central.
Just as the Earth Rooster is a stickler for detail, so too is Dynasty 8’s whole salt-baked chicken a labour of love. A whole chicken is wrapped up, covered in a thick layer of salt and baked. The layer of salt delivers an even heat to the chicken, without leaching into the bird. The result? Truly succulent, tender poultry – that’s then taken out, basted in truffle oil and crisped for the perfect skin. A touch of five spice salt and slices of black truffle complete this fragrant dish. Yes, it takes time and effort to make. But that’s no problem for the meticulous Earth Rooster, is it?
While you’re there: Don't miss the decadent wok-fried diced wagyu beef with goose liver and Beijing leeks.
Reservations: +853 8113 8920

Water Rooster

Years: 1922, 1993
Personality: The Water Rooster is the intellectual, cultural type. Energetic, clear-headed, and often scientifically minded, they're sure to always know the right course to take and finds it easy to convince others to take the right path.
Dish: Steamed chicken wrapped in lotus leaves with Yunnan ham, mushrooms and jujube at La Chine, The Parisian Macao.
A stunning venue within The Parisian Macao’s Eiffel Tower, La Chine combines regional Chinese cuisine with French techniques and flavours to deliver intriguing fusions. But that’s not to say that the classics aren’t exquisitely presented, either. The intellectual Water Rooster will admire the dedication that goes into the perfect balance of tender chicken, deeply savoury Yunnan ham and herbal jujube in this dish. Wrapped in lotus leaf and steamed, the leaf imparts an unforgettable fragrance that will have the Water Rooster certain once again that they’ve made the right choice.
While you’re there: Don’t miss the canard a l'orange, a crispy roast duck marinated in black pepper and mandarin peel, for a true mixing of cuisines.
Reservations: +853 8111 9210

Wood Rooster

Years: 1945, 2005
Personality: The Wood Rooster is gregarious and is more likely to think of his fellow man than the other Roosters are. Honest and unselfish, they’re always happiest when they’re getting on with others.
Dish: Pollo Arrosto at Portofino.
Any self-respecting Wood Rooster isn’t going to want a single dish to himself. Instead, he’s going to want to share the love around. At this Italian trattoria, inspired by the gorgeous Italian fishing village of Portofino, whole chicken is marinated in Trebbiano white wine, rosemary and garlic, before being lovingly brushed with more rosemary and garlic as it’s cooked rotisserie-style. Share the dish as you dine alfresco on the terrace, overlooking The Venetian Macao’s swimming pools – and order a woody, herbal amaro as a digestif for the table to
seal the perfect meal.
While you’re there: Keep the sharing going with a classic thin-crust pizza Salsiccia e funghi, topped with mushooms and home-made sausage.
Reservations: +853 8118 9950

Metal Rooster

Years: 1921, 1981
Personality: Metal Roosters are the perfect detectives. They’re meticulous and investigative, with a passion for what they do. That passion can get in the way at times, but it’s only because of their hard-working spirit and idealism.
Dish: Chongqing-style fried chicken with dried chilli and peanuts at North, The Venetian Macao.
A Metal Rooster relishes a challenge, something that has to be worked out. Enter North’s Chongqing-style fried chicken, also known as laziji. This Sichuan classic features marinated, deep-fried chicken, stir fried with chilli bean paste and plenty of Sichuan peppers and dried chilli. A gloriously spicy dish, it’s traditionally eaten with diners sifting with chopsticks through the mounds of chilli to find the succulent chicken underneath. If that isn’t a challenge worthy of the Metal Rooster, then what is?
While you’re there: Be sure to order the fried sweet potato fritters, topped with airy-light spun sugar.
Reservations: +853 8118 9980