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"All That's Gold Does Glitter - An Exhibition of Glamourous Ceramics" is now open
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"All That's Gold Does Glitter - An Exhibition of Glamourous Ceramics" is now open

An exhibition that features masterpieces from some of the best ceramic artists at Sands Resorts Macao

With the opening ceremony held on Junue 8, 2019, All That’s Gold Does Glitter – An Exhibition of Glamorous Ceramics by Sands China is officially open for public viewing until Oct. 9 this year. The exhibition features over 90 masterpieces from outstanding contemporary ceramic artists from 13 different countries and regions. It is the largest and highest-level ceramic art exhibition in the Greater Bay Area in 2019.

The exhibition is part of Art Macao 2019, a six-month mega international arts and cultural event organised by the Macao governmentwith the participation of hotels, integrated resorts, and foreign consulates. The exhibits are available at The Venetian Macao, The Parisian Macao, the Four Seasons Hotel Macao and Sands Macao. Four of its feature works will be loan to the Macao Museum of Art from June 6 to Oct 8 for display at Art Macao’s main exhibition.

Sands China’s exhibition was curated over the course of 10 months by internationally renowned ceramic artist Caroline Cheng, who convened a meeting of 27 artists from all over the world, including herself, to create ceramic works under the theme of All That’s Gold Does Glitter.

The majority of the works on display were created especially for the exhibition, and all contain elements of the colour gold in line with the theme. Among them, three pieces are from three well-known late ceramic artists, whose works are part of Cheng’s personal collection and are on loan for the exhibition.

Cheng revealed her feelings for the exbihition at the opening ceremony: “I’m honoured to be part of Art Macao 2019 as the curator for Sands China’s exhibition", "We think visitors will be thrilled to see this material, precious and coveted throughout history, applied creatively to ceramic works by our artists, and will be surprised and amazed by what contemporary ceramics can be”. 

Two ceramic masterclasses at Macao Polytechnic Institute and Macau University of Science and Technology organised by Sands China will be presented during the exhibition period, providing an opportunity for art students to learn from some of the exhibition’s artists, who will share their experience, discuss their creation concept and style, and give skills demonstrations for the participants.

In addition, ceramic artists from Macao, Hong Kong and mainland China will display their works and provide ceramic demonstrations at workshops open to the public at The Venetian Macao in August. Workshop facilitators will help participants work on ceramic crafts that can be taken home.

In order to enhance the experience for the general public and allow them to more fully enjoy the exhibition, the exhibition website and mobile app feature an audio guide. Scanning a QR code at each exhibit leads to the artist’s page, which provides a voiceover introduction of the artist biography and his or her creative concept behind the piece.