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Raymond Lam brings spectacular performance to The Venetian Macao
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Raymond Lam brings spectacular performance to The Venetian Macao

Actor and singer Raymond Lam brings his spectacular stage presence to The Venetian Macao

There are concerts where you go for a night of good music and there are ones where you are thoroughly entertained – Raymond Lam’s concerts are now known for the latter.

Ballads were Lam’s main repertoire until the last two years when albums such as “Trap” were dominated by faster beats with catchier tunes. And it was very well received by his fans as the album went platinum only one week after its launch.

The “Heart Attack World Tour” started in Guangzhou in 2017, and after an 18-month hiatus the audience was looking forward to seeing his energetic and electrifying presence.

Lam’s previous concerts have all had themes such as “Water”, “Fire”, “Light” and “Time”, and this one has the alluring subject of “blood vessels”, said to represent Lam’s music as an constantly evolving organism. When the talented artist began the concert, his voice – combined with dynamic choreography and hi-tech revolving stage design incorporating a crane and water effects – was a sight to behold. The stage design allowed for interaction and afforded different views of Lam to those in attendence in the Cotai Arena.

Lam began his career as an actor, and his excellent performances quickly earned him lead roles. He then moved into the music industry, launching his debut album “Searching for You in Loving Memories” in 2007. Many of his fans adored him for his looks, and in previous interviews Lam has revealed that he was on a strict diet of sweet potatoes to prepare himself for his performances. Judging by the high-pitched screams of those in the crowds, it was absolutely worth it.