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Inspect a gadget: top tech for top temps

Inspect a gadget: top tech for top temps

Cutting-edge contraptions that will enhance your summer trips

Samsung Gear 360
The Samsung Gear 360 is being heralded as one of the best new 360-degree cameras available. While easy to use, it gives exceptional spherical footage, it’s splash- and dust-resistant and both the memory card and battery are removable.
The catch? You’ll need a recent Samsung phone to make full use of its capabilities. Available at Samsung Partnershop, Shoppes at Venetian.Petkit Go
The Petkit Go-Smart Pet Leash is a must-have for the tech-obsessed dog lover. The Bluetooth-enabled Go connects to your phone to track all of your walks, and the handle even vibrates to notify you of incoming messages and calls. The Go has an LED light for nighttime walks, along with a funky glowing safety strip. Available at Fortress, Shoppes at Venetian.

Aumeo Audio
Audiophiles rejoice: the Aumeo Audio is out of the crowdfunding stage and in the stores. The concept behind this little device is that all ears are different. The Aumeo Audio runs a sound test on your ears to tailor the signal to your own hearing. The result is astonishingly crisp, detailed, personalised sound. Available at DG Lifestyle, Shoppes at Venetian.

Pedic Sport
A clever innovation for active types: the Pedic Sport (full product number is K1501-R, if you must know) sanitises your footwear of choice using ultraviolet light to kill fungal and bacterial beasties. No more smelly sprays that only seem to aggravate the problem of stinky shoes. Available at Fortress, Shoppes at Venetian.XSories MiniPrint
Don’t you miss the days of actual photographs that you can hold and keep? The MiniPrint from XSories is among the latest generation of wireless, portable printers that can produce high quality images direct from your phone. Available at DG Lifestyle, Shoppes at Venetian.

Corkcicle Canteen
Corkcicle uses hi-tech materials for its triple-layered insulating canteen. This keeps drinks cold for an astonishing 25 hours, and hot for up to 12. And if you’re looking forward to a glass of something cold on a hot summer day at the beach, its largest canteen (750ml) can hold an entire bottle of wine. Available at DG Lifestyle, Shoppes at Venetian.