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Planet J offers a world of games for family fun
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Planet J offers a world of games for family fun

Sands' live-action role play theme park is the first and only one of its kind in Asia

Sands’ one-of-a-kind live adventure experience Planet J has burst into the Year of the Rooster in exciting form.

With the tagline “A Universe Apart”, this innovative, interactive attraction merges conventional gaming concepts – such as online gaming, cosplay, arcade halls and amusement parks – into Asia’s first live-action, role play theme park.

At Planet J, role play takes on a hi-tech edge. Players are guided by a Magic Scroll – a handheld device that guides players by offering clues and posing specially made challenges for different languages and age groups.

On their arrival, visitors embark on the adventures of a character in the Magic Stone Kingdom – a realm under attack from evil forces. Assigned a specific quest, players have to overcome challenges and outsmart enemies. There are more than 200 games and puzzles altogether, and a full-length game can last 30 hours and include several visits – though visitors can play for as long (or as short) as they want.

The team behind Planet J comprises designers from Universal Studios and Disneyland theme park, and they’ve set their creative minds free in putting together each of Planet J’s eight unique zones. Each zone introduces players to a variety of interactive games that call for role play, puzzle solving and teamwork skills.

Planet J makes an ideal day out for every family: all ages are welcome to embark on the adventure, and groups both large and small are encouraged!